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Story behind this food recipe website

Welcome to SpiceTraveller, an online culinary portal that celebrates the diverse and delicious flavors of world cuisine, a place where a passion for food and the art of cooking are celebrated in all their glory. This website is dedicated to exploring the rich tapestry of international cooking, a culinary journey that takes you on a global tour of exotics flavours from exotic and ancient recipes, local delicacies to modern and innovative culinary creations from around the world.

Within these pages, you’ll discover an eclectic blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Whether you’re in search of comfort food classics, exotic international cuisine, or something in between, rest assured that I’ve got you covered. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes to add to my collection, and I take great care to ensure that the website is updated regularly with fresh and tantalizing content. So, make yourself at home, take your time to peruse the recipes, and let your taste buds guide you on a culinary journey like no other.

With my extensive collection of interesting recipes, you can explore and indulge in the vast and varied world of international cuisine. All the recipes are carefully curated from a plethora of sources, including family heirlooms, classic cookbooks, and/or expert chefs.
It is a photo-rich website that allows you to immerse yourself in the culinary journey, with stunning visuals that bring the recipes to life. You can search for recipes by various categories, including country, meals, courses, occasion, diet, ingredients, and cooking method, making it easy to find the perfect dish for any occasion or preference.

The Name

The name SpiceTraveller is inspired by one of my favourite books, the greatest science fiction: Frank Herbert’s Dune. In this epic tale, spice is a rare and highly sought-after commodity that allows space travellers to navigate the Universe through folds in time and space. Drawing on this rich literary tradition, SpiceTraveller is a website that combines a love of cooking and travel with a deep appreciation for the power of spices and seasonings.
But SpiceTraveller is more than just a recipe repository. It’s a journey without moving, a chance to explore new flavors and cultures from the comfort of your own kitchen. And with a focus on local and lesser-known delicacies, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.
Spices are the essence of seasoning, the art of transforming raw ingredients into a delectable and harmonious whole. They are the alchemy of flavor, the chemistry of taste, and the poetry of aroma. From the subtle sweetness of cinnamon to the fiery heat of chili peppers, spices add depth, complexity, and nuance to our dishes, elevating them from mere sustenance to sublime art.

Food is a reflection of culture, history, and geography. It is a manifestation of our shared humanity, a bridge between past and present, and a testament to our enduring creativity and ingenuity. This website is a tribute to the richness and diversity of global cuisine, from the most humble and rustic home-cooked meals to the most elaborate and sophisticated gourmet feasts.

World cuisine invites us to break free from our comfort zones, to be curious, and to embrace the unknown, for it is in those moments that we discover new flavors, new cultures, and new parts of ourselves


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With an unwavering passion for culinary heritage, I embark on a captivating journey through time to unearth forgotten flavors and long-lost recipes. Exploring ancient cookbooks, dusty handwritten notes, and whispered family secrets, I am dedicated to reviving the essence of traditional cooking.

In this quest for authenticity, I immerse myself in the wisdom and techniques passed down through generations. From the humblest peasant dishes to grand feasts of royalty, I diligently search for hidden culinary treasures, breathing new life into age-old recipes. I extend my exploration to the digital realm, scouring online forums and communities where local food enthusiasts congregate. Engaging with passionate cooks from around the world, I seek out their invaluable insights, regional specialties, and time-honored techniques, adding a touch of global inspiration to the repertoire.

The culmination of these efforts is a curated collection of recipes that embodies the spirit of culinary exploration, bridging the past and the present. Each dish carries a story, forming a profound connection to the rich tapestry of culinary heritage. This ensures that the flavors of bygone eras are not forgotten, but rather celebrated anew.

From savoring the delicate flavors of French patisserie on the streets of Paris to indulging in the rich spices of Indian street food in bustling Mumbai, I am dedicated to discovering and understanding the authentic tastes that make each country unique. With an open mind and a discerning palate, I navigate the labyrinth of local cuisines, unearthing the essence of their culinary traditions.
Through my culinary explorations, I celebrate the extraordinary diversity of flavors, spices, ingredients, and techniques that exist worldwide. By incorporating these global inspirations into the recipe collection, I aim to offer a tantalizing journey for taste buds, inviting readers to embark on their own culinary adventures from the comfort of their kitchens. Travelling without moving.. 🙂

Therefore, join me as we embark on a gastronomic odyssey, traversing continents, embracing new flavors, and bringing the world’s gastronomic wonders to your table. Let’s savor the beauty of cultural exchange and the unifying power of food.

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