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Website in progress...

Website in progress...

RISSOLES - Australian mini burgers (meatballs) with beef and vegetables

RISSOLES - Australian mini burgers (meatballs) with beef and vegetables

Avocado salsa

Avocado salsa

Website in progress…

UncategorizedOctober 17, 2015
Not ready yet!
Please visit in a few days! 

Hello, Thanks for visiting! My yummy website is still in progress, lots of recipes and photos...

RISSOLES – Australian mini burgers (meatballs) with beef and vegetables

Australia, Course, Dinner, Ingredients, Lunch/Brunch, Mains, Meals, Meat, Recipes, World FoodMarch 15, 2015
Rissoles - Australian burgers

Similar to classic European meatballs or Italian polpette but with added vegetables. Great texture and...

Avocado salsa

Appetizer, Australia, Course, Fruits, Ingredients, Lunch/Brunch, Meals, Recipes, Snacks, Starter, World FoodJuly 4, 2014
Avocado salsa

Spice up boring avocado Australian way! Quick and easy! Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados 1 Chorizo...

Black olive spread

Appetizer, Classic European, Course, Ingredients, Life Style, Meals, Recipes, Snacks, Starter, Vegetables, VegetarianJuly 1, 2014
Black olive spread

Classic Mediterranean spread, perfect for summer afternoon snack. Ingredients: 200g black pitted olives 2-3 anchovies...

Fergese – Albanian pepper sauce with cheese

Albania, Appetizer, Breakfast, Condiments, Course, Dairy, Dinner, Ingredients, Lunch/Brunch, Meals, Recipes, Sides, Starter, Vegetables, World FoodJune 30, 2014
Albanian Fergese - tomato and pepper sauce with cheese

A few months ago i decided to step away from classic European cuisine for a...

This blog started as a private recipe collection combining two things I love: cooking and photography.Miriam

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