Miriam SpiceTraveller

I tried this combination of fish and meat a few years ago while on holiday in St Ives, i think it was at the Onshore restaurant if i remember correctly. It blew me away, i enjoyed this so much! Very easy to make. Instead of csallops try with prawns, also delicious! 


1.   Cut black pudding in slices thick about 1cm , then fry each side 2-3 minutes  and set aside on a warm plate and cover.

2.   Slice banana slightly diagonally so you get a larger piece and quickly fry each side, 1 minute is enough, set aside and sprinkle with some sugar and cover.

3.   At the end fry scallops, each side about 3 minutes, add salt and pepper.

4.   Now arrange on a serving plate, first black pudding then banana and on the top scallop. drizzle with some lemon juice.

I served them stuffed peppers with cheese, you can serve with various salad or vegetables.


  • 6  King scallops
  • 1  Large banana
  • 6  Slices of black pudding, 2″ diameter, 1/3″ thickness
  • Olive oil for frying
  • 1 tsp sugar to sprinkle on banana
  • Salt & pepper to taste
Black pudding, banana and prawns

Black pudding, banana and prawns, instead of sliced banana you can mash it and spread over black pudding