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Fish fish and more fish!  I can’t imagine Christmas Eve dinner without fish. Traditional baccala in bianco is a must! This year i prepared several dishes, we totally enjoyed.

Course 1 – Soup: Seabass and gurnard. Made with cooked seabass and gurnard heads. I had these frozen when i made a fish stew with seabass and gurnard some weeks before, i saved the heads for a soup as i always do. The soup was delicious, full of flavours. Served with lots of parsley. Cook fish heads with lots of vegetables, onions, carrots, peppers, parsnip, celery root and celery stalks… No need to cut is in small pieces,  you can put as a whole or cut in a few bigger chunks. Bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer for about 45 minutes until all vegetables are properly cooked and soft, you want all those flavours released in the soup. Add salt, pepper and other seasoning of your choice. Strain liquid and discard fish heads and vegetables. bring soup to boil and add lots of fresh parsley, check seasoning. You can also add dill, it goes perfect with any fish dish.

Christmas Eve fish soup

Christmas Eve fish soup without fish :-)


Course 2 –  Lobster & scallop medallions with orange and anchovies sauce. Boiled lobster, pan fried scallops together with onion and garlic, boiled potato all covered with orange sauce. For orange sauce cut oranges ( without skin) and fry in little bit of sunflower oil together with anchovies cut in very tiny pieces. Add 2 tsps of brown sugar, some lemon juice and orange juice and orange zest + 150ml of water. Cook for about 10 minutes until oranges are soft and some liquid has evaporated.


Lobster and scallop medallions with orange sauce

Lobster and scallop medallions with orange sauce


Course 3 –  Stuffed squid in tomato and white wine sauce. Stuffing made of squid tentacles, breadcrumbs mushrooms and herbs.


Stuffed squid with piquante tomato sauce

Stuffed squid with piquant tomato and white wine sauce


Course 4 – Mashed Baccala – smoked cod and potato mashed with parsley served with capers and olives in butter sauce with roasted peppers. Mashed cod with potato is the dish i always prepare on Easter and on Christmas Eve!

Cod mash with capers

Cod mash with capers


Happy Christmas!

Ginger cat happy christmas

My ginger tomcat Alex